IT Outstaffing

Nearshore outstaffing gives you the flexibility your business needs to grow. At TURN2TEK we supply the talented professionals your business demands, whether that’s one programmer for half a day or an entire team for a multi-year project.

We provide off-site staff to meet project requirements. Our rigorous assessments of both hard and soft skills ensure that your company gets the talent you need straight away, while also lowering HR and staffing costs.

Our outstaffers work on projects of all sizes, covering all platforms. For large-scale or sensitive projects, we can arrange a development centre consisting of a complete team, including project management, quality assurance and IT infrastructure. You can:

Fill unexpected gaps, such as employee illness

Add competent full-time employees temporarily
Have your own dedicated nearshore team
Easily recruit part-time team members

6 ways IT outstaffing benefits your business:

  • Cut operational costs
  • Minimize admin
  • No holiday or illness charges – only pay for working hours
  • Quick hiring process and no hiring costs
  • Choose from full- or part-time, remote or in-house outstaffers
  • Easily hire temporary staff

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