IT Consulting

The best mechanic can’t turn a Fiat 500 into a Ferrari. Likewise, the most effective IT solutions are implemented from the top down. TURN2TEK are ahead of the pack when it comes to providing great answers to the questions that drive your business. Our IT consulting services focus on your needs, selecting the best new technologies to help your team meet your goals. Our executive consultants are all former CEOs, CTOs and CMOs with over 20 years of industry experience. We offer independent advice based on how to estimate, implement and analyse current and future IT needs.

New (Information) Technology Consulting: new technologies can be a vital asset to a business, but only if they’re implemented appropriately. If your company is losing ground to competitors who are ahead of the game in taking on cloud technology, making use of big data or boosting business services (including CRM, ERP, BI, Collaboration), then our expertise can take you from trailing to leading.

IT Integration Consulting: today, a merger, de-merger, acquisition or spin-off hits the technical solutions hardest. From merging development teams with conflicting ideologies to separating secure customer data, we can help you find the best way through this challenging time.
IT business consulting Services: IT can affect the top-line (increasing sales and customer retention), the bottom-line (reducing costs and increasing profits). Improved analytic systems (BI and big data) help you make better decisions faster. All of which adds up to a significantly more effective business.

IT Application Consulting: from on-call staff working from home to improving the throughput of customer care representatives, applications can dramatically affect the efficiency of a business.

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